Our tuna are handled with extreme care to prevent bruising. The hand packed cans are stuffed with a single "chunk" of the filet. Each can has only two ingredients. Albacore tuna and a super small pinch of sea salt. No water or oil added.

Troll caught on the surface with hook and line ensures a dolphin and marine mammal safe product. Processed and canned in a USDA inspected facility ensures the safety of the consumer.

Tuna Three
Tuna Five

Salt or Salt Free

We offer two products, a 7.75 ounce can with a pinch of sea salt, and a 7.75 ounce can with no salt. Salt free tuna is just that. The only thing that goes into these cans is a chunk of beautiful Albacore Tuna.


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If you're in the area, pick up your tuna at

Fishpatrick's Crabby Café
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Winchester Bay, Oregon
541-271-FISH (3474)

Each 7.75 ounce can of our albacore tuna is just $6.50.

Fishpatrick's Specialty Canned Tuna
PO Box 1711
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